Super7 for #DesignerCon 2015

A super selection of toys awaits folks at the Super7 Booth #406 at this year's Designer Con 2015 (Nov 21-22), featuring a silver Alien, a blue Mongolion and a trio of Kandy Kaiju!

SILVER PHANTOM ALIEN: "Certain doom for the Nostromo Crew is cast in crystal clear soft vinyl with silver paint rub. Two ghastly, ghostly versions are mysteriously scattered among the Nostromo Spaceship! Which will you find? 4″ tall vinyl figure comes packaged in deluxe window box package, available at DesignerCon, booth #406. $50 ea."
BLUE BEAST MONGOLION: "The Sinister Scoundrel of the Snakes of Infinity is cast in blue and pruple marbled vinyl with yellow, pink, metallic silver, and dark blue sprays. Designed by the one and only L’Amour Supreme. $65 ea."
KANDY KAIJU CHOCO-CREW: "…features the three adorably animated avatars of the sweetest part of the meal – dessert! Foster is cast in brown vinyl with orange colored cream filling, Pie Guy is case in brown and tan vinyls with a white whipped cream moustache, and they are joined by meltin’ Milton, slowly spilling his ultra-dark chocolate ice cream down all over his chocolate waffle cone head. $25 ea."