#throwbacktoythursday: MechaZombie Toasterboy from 2011

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Today we remember a slice of TOYSREVIL toy-history, going back to 2011, for when I released the MECHAZOMBIE TOASTERBOY! Made by Erwin Cahyono of Mongar Toys (based on an initial doodle I did), the hand-painted resin figure each featured magnetic limbs attachments, a bitten slice of rotten toast, and fabric embroidered patch with numbering corresponding to the number on the hand-painted resin figure! All held in a swish hand-made box by Erwin, who I reckon went all out for this release!

Here are some snaps to help you relive the release, or you could simply head on to the dedicated blogsite @ survivemechazombie.blogspot.com for this release!

FYI: There was always the intention to expand the "MechaZombie" concept into other toys though ... Anyone else wants to "play"? Heh.

A total of 11 figure sets were made, numbered 01-10, with a "chase" numbered "00", and were sold blind boxed. Only 3 figures remain, and they'll see a slight "alteration" in their "build" before meeting the world again! You think you are "safe"? Prepare to Survive. Mecha.Zombie AGAIN! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA