#throwbacktoythursday: Toy2R Qees

#throwbacktoythursday So ok, who here misses Toy2R's Qees? :) #toylife #throwbackthursday #TBT

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A few of my first ever Qee news featured including 2006's rebeltron + rebelone customs by PHU! (formerly named "phuek"), and "russian urban animals" - a customs exhibition held in Moscow, utilizing DIY Qees! Should have posted more photos then, as "livejournal" is not active now and some images hosted n longer exist, which is a real pity as the toy-past "disappears", doesn't it? … and last reported Qee news was 2014's Swab x Sotheby's Custom Qee Benefical Auction.

The 2.5" tall Qee production ended with the Skeleanimals Series 2 - specifically "artist" designed pieces, as opposed to commercial / corporate production Qees (I suppose) in 2011, while a newly upsized Mini Qee form debuted in 2012.

Truth be told, Qees are not exactly my favorite form, as I'd always abhor the hunch-back aesthetic, but they represented another avenue for collecting artists' work and designs, and was arguably an end of an era when the Qees ended production, IMHO.


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