TODD MORDEN by Doktor A to debut at #DesigerCon 2015

"Todd grew up in the shadow of his popular sister Heb.
Some people called him odd. But really he is simply unique.
Artistic, quirky, friendly and mostly Vegan.
He dwells in a lovely valley and quietly effects the world."

Doktor A introduces TODD MORDEN - a brand new resin figure he has created - and will make it's debut at the coming 2015 Designer Con (Nov 21-22), available direct from his booth #114.

A variety of editions will be made available, including the production “Coldcast” metal editions: Pewter, Brass and Verdigris - of which 100pcs of each design were made, and only 10 of each will be available at DCon for US$45 apiece.

There will also be hand painted edition of 10 pieces, each priced at US$100 apiece. Doktor A added; "This 3″ tall resin figure is painted to the same standard as my larger Mechtorian artworks, and each one comes with a winding key."

This new Mini Mechtorian stands 3″ tall, and was sculpted by Doktor A and handmade in England. This is more readily recognizable as Doktor A's designs, with the fez hat, goggly eyes and outlandish moustache, and will no doubt be a treat for fans and collectors, IMHO.

"I will be there for my fifth time vending all sorts of lovely retrobotic stuff for your delight and amusement. This year I am super easy to find. Booth number 114, right inside the main door in the ballroom. So come on and say hello. I am happy to sign and sketch for you and just natter." (

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