TOUMA for #DesignerCon 2015

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TOUMA will be heading to Designer Con 2015 (Nov 21-22) and setting up shop at "TOUMART & Anime Jungle” Booths #1112 & #1114 - offering a variety of toy-ness, including the above featured new blue colorway for “DIRVOLO” (painted version) - priced at US$85 … as well as new DANKESCHOEN bears!

Also of particular interest is his collaboration with Nathan Hamill, with RUSTED OCTOPUP! In a very limited edition of 20pcs, no prices as yet revealed. Both Nathan and Touma will also be signing at Booth #532, Saturday and Sunday at 3pm.

Stay tuned to Instagram @toumart for updates!

Revealed as a "Secret Release" by producers 3D Retro, at the weekend Designer Con 2015 (Nov 21-22) via Booth #532 - is a collabo between TOUMA x Nathan Hamill! And the box design gives away the profiles of the 2-piece figure!
3D RETRO PRESS: "Something very special is going to be released in VERY limited quantities at DesignerCon. All we can say is 2 great artists have put their minds together to create this beast. Visit our booth to find out what it is and to see if you can pick one up. Shhhhhhhhh!"

A video posted by TOUMA (@toumart) on