Tru:Tek for #DesignerCon 2015

Besides the previously featured Lump O’ Oozeball, here's what Niall Anderson AKA Tru:Tek of The Disarticulars will have at Designer Con 2015 (Nov 21-22) this weekend, with all items available via Skinners' Booth!

PRESS: "The “Sunburst” Oozeball micro-run// Limited to an edition of just 3 pieces, the Tru:Tek-designed, Zectron-sculpted ball has been produced in a non-squishy flesh tone soft vinyl this time around, coming with yellow, orange and purple sprays over a detail hugging rub. Finished with hand painted detailing and a protective gloss coat, these come packed in a drawstring bag for $75 each."
PRESS: "The "Bloody Balls" Oozeballs// The first and quite possibly last fully painted run of Oozeballs from Man-E-Toys' resident blogger, the figure has been produced in a flesh tone soft vinyl, coming with layers of crimson Monster Kolor sprays, rubs and hand painted detailing complete with a horrific glistening gloss finish. Limited to a run of just 6 figures, each coming packed in a custom sprayed and dyed linen bag, the “Bloody Balls” have been priced at $70 each."
PRESS: "The “Garaball” Oozeball micro-run// The second micro-run to feature the Disarticulators’ Oozeball, these have once again been cast in a flesh vinyl, this time coming with metallic blue, teal and red sprays inspired by M1GO’s classic Blue Garamon colors. Limited to a run of 3, these have also been priced at $75 each."
PRESS: "Oozeball one-offs// Tru:Tek has been hard at work on a number of one-off Oozeballs including the pictured “Mother Ooze” and “Arctic Ooze” (up top). Ranging in price between $75-$90, edition size is still to be confirmed…"
(Cheers for the headsup, Niall)