1/6 “Kokto” of the Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) units from TOA Heavy Industries / 1000toys for Dec 22nd Drop

Preorder for 1000toys' "1/6 “Kokto” of the Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) units" will begin December 22nd @ 11AM (JST), purchasable online via 1000toys.jp. FYI: for first time buyers, you'd need to register an account before you place an order. 1000tpoys also adds;
"Unfortunately, our current system will not allow you to create an account until the Pre-Order starts at December 22nd 11am (JST). Therefore do not feel alarmed about the fact you are not able to create an account until then, and please note that it is not an error of any sort."

Price is US$220 (shipping included in price), for a release scheduled in late-April 2016. This is the third and final online Pre-Order for 2015.
"One big change from the recent pre-orders is that we have worked with the factory to increase quantity for this item, and that has allowed us to increase the limit of pieces to TWO PIECES for every customer.

Please note very small quantities of this item may be sold at selected shops after the item is released."