A Look @ New 3" JOUWE by Marine Ramdhani x MyTummyToys

Today we have an "in-hand" look at the newly resized JOUWE from it's creator Marine Ramdhani, with this 3-inch tall full resin figure made by My Tummy Toys!

Making it's debut at Jakarta Comic Con, and recently the star of the Jouwe Custom Show held in Lou Bell Shop a week back, there is currently no tangible plan for the figure's general release, actually.

The solid resin figure features 3 points of articulation - at the neck and both shoulder/arms - utilizing pegged arms and neck joints, which are connectable to the main body, but not locked in.

This Jouwe shape and form is similar to the earlier released 10 inches tall vinyl Jouwe (from Kuso Vinyl x Plastic Culture). It would be absolutely boss if a blind-boxed series came out of it, in multiple colors, right, Marine?

Personally, I like full resin figures (versus hollowed resin), especially for collectibles in this size range, as I prefer the heft and sense of "safety", as opposed to holding "egg shells" haha, but that's just me :)

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

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