Clutter exclusive JINMENKIN - SAVE ME Release by Awesome Toy (Dec 12)

Clutter announces their exclusive release with Awesome Toy: "JINMENKIN - SAVE ME"! Scroll down for more images, and description for the release, scheduled for the launch of their group show "Gift Wrapped 2015" opening December 12th, 2015.
CLUTTER PRESS: "“What’s a Jinmenken?” you might ask. Well, good question… it's a human-faced dog from Japanese mythology!

Dropping as part of our Gift Wrapped 2015 exhibition, this piece is limited to twenty 8-inch tall soft vinyl figures with affixed doll hair. Half of the edition depicts the classic human-faced dog, which the other half are undead, skeletal headed versions."
CLUTTER PRESS CONTINUED: "Sold completely random in blind packaging (no picking the face or color), these are all cast on pink vinyl and hand-painted in: green (10 pieces), blue (8 pieces), and purple (2 pieces)! Don’t miss out on your chance to snatch one up, $100 apiece.

These will be sold on a first come, first sold basis, available to those on our gallery preview list first. Any pieces remaining after the opening will be available in our online store."