Come Visit The Doctor & You'll Get To Lick The Lolly … #playingwith Brandt Peters x Kathie Olivas x Kidrobot Dunnys

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Finally scored me a couple of The 13 Dunnys from Brandt Peters x Kathie Olivas x Kidrobot, and of course had to do with the good doctor and his trusty nurse! Would've loved to snag more Dunnys from this series but alas "budget" dictates my toyjoy, not my personal toy-desire ...

I remember distinctly at one point I was so excited for the release, and even contemplated to procure an entire box (something I never do) as I blogged about it and "poisoned" myself instead of my readers (:p), but having missed the drop (by a couple of days after a visit to my fav retail shop Ozzo Collection in China Square Central), and after that a much longer wait in-between visits, the "need" pretty much fizzled out, and other manner of colorful toys and collectibles fought for, and had gained my attention and dollars instead ... sorreeeeee :p

"Collecting Toys" these days are relatively different now, as there are far more "options" and genres floating amidst the sea of toy culture, along with near-immediate accessibility and availability, and in my personal case; "affordability" (…which also means less Dunnys for my foreseeable toy-future, because they are getting quite expensive, much less for a blind pull, IMO), nevertheless makes for quite a buyers' market, don't you think? Different Toy Collecting Strokes for Different Folks, I reckon.

Welcome to me #toylife :)


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