Freaks, Finks, Spazzes - Christmas Edition marbled keshi Franken Corpse Sale on Dec 21st

PRESS: "Forget about Santa Claus and Krampus, tis the season of the FrankenCorpse! There will be a special holiday themed version of the Freaks, Finks, Spazzes FrankenCorpse character dropping next Monday (12/21) at 8pm EST in the Radioactive Uppercut web shop. Solid-cast in a white and red marbled keshi rubber, the figure stands 3" tall and a whopping 2" in width! He will be produced in extremely limited quantities and will cost only $30 each. So mark your calendars and leave a plate of cookies out, the freakish FrankenCorpse is coming just in time for the Holidays!" (John Santagada / IG @radioactiveuppercut)

Dude, I love this guy! Deserves to be a 4" or 5"-er, IMHO :)


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