GHOSTBUSTERS DORBZ by Funko: Dorbz Ridez Ecto-1 & Dorbz XL Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

"Ghostbusters" is an evergreen pop culture license I'd have loved to collect, but inevitably never really do, as loads of releases feature "realistic" depictions of the characters, and to me personally, the fictional characters themselves outweigh the actors playing them, so I am not too much a stickler for "realistic sculpts" … but that doesn't mean I don't care of the facesculpt "suck" tho, yeah?

In this particular instance, I would gladly opt for "depictions" and adaptations, and in this spirit, I had always loved Funko's Pop! Vinyls of Ghostbusters! I just need to be able to afford all of them tho!

And as of today, please do add the "Dorbz" Ghostbusters-line to that toy-wants-list!

FUNKO PRESS: "The Ghostbusters Dorbz line now includes the iconic Ecto-1 Dorbz Ridez, the official transportation for the world famous Ghostbusters! Every Ecto-1 Dorbz Ridez comes with a marshmallowed Egon Spengler Dorbz! Coming in February!"
FUNKO PRESS: "The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Dorbz XL is crashing the party! It's going to take all four Ghostbusters to bring this 6-inch figure down! Coming in February!"