Introducing: GOOD BONE by #TheGoodHabit

STORY: "There was once a kid, unknown to many. Where most people see filth, he saw opportunities. Where most see greys, his world was in colour. You may have passed him on the streets or mistaken him for a piece of furniture. His only human interactions were from the kids who bullied him, for being different.

However, Kid found a companion, a stray dog that was always there for him. They would go on adventures that last for days and laugh at things that would be remembered for a lifetime. With his dog, he learnt the meaning of friendship and loyalty, but most importantly love.

Undoubtedly, all good things come to an end, some sooner than others. Kid’s dog was strong, but not lucky when a car accidentally ran him over. Taken too soon, Kid only managed to catch it on his last breath of farewell."
"Heartbroken, Kid kept his dog’s skull with a promise. He would wear the skull over his face and continue their adventures. With all the love that his dog had for Kid, the skull gave him superpowers. Kid spends his time stopping bullies from picking on other kids.

One day, Bullies picked on The Good Habit, but with the skull over his head, Kid was there to save the day. The Good Habit would be forever grateful and to repay back the favour, The Good Habit introduced to the world his new hero: Good Bone."

Ryan AKA The Good Habit has been uber-prolific in 2015, kicking it into overdrive with self-promotion, his website launch, multiple character creations, whom are translated unto 3-dimensional sculpts, and multiple touring custom shows with his NOBODY resin and appearances at local conventions. All of these are breathtaking to behold, both as a blogger and a (new) fan of his work and output. The man hustles hard, and backs it all up with the goods - assessable, approachable, family friendly, upbeat and cheery!

"GOOD BONE" is just one of his latest projects moving forward unto 2016, and undoubtable MORE to come … #thegoodhabit is one key creator from Indonesia to watch out for in 2016, and you would do well to follow his Instagram @thegoodhabit for updates!