“Jersey Scuffler and the Traveling Engineer” Custom Commission by Chris Ryniak

"“Jersey Scuffler and the Traveling Engineer” collaboration with @amandalouisespayd . I had to keep this one super top secret for months because it was commissioned as a gift for my biggest fan and collector in the US. This is the largest free-standing piece I’ve done to date. 26" tall 22" long 12" wide, 42" neck (that’s one of my old belts for his collar." - shared Chris Ryniak (www.chrisryniak.com / Instagram @chrisryniak)

I don't believe I own a single Ryniak or even an Amanda Spayd toy/collectible, sadly … one day I really hope to tho, as they are two of the more important artists and creators in this culture, and it would be criminal not to own any of their works … now to find the funds to bite the bullet and score a coupla Thimblestump Hollows …


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