Kennyswork for #ToySoul 2015

ToySoul 亞洲玩具展TOYSOUL 2015【KennysWork】全新Molly figure會場限量發售本地創作玩具的棟樑,Molly設計師Kenny Wong,他主理的KennysWork將會參加TOYSOUL 2015。他會為大家帶來全新的黑白Molly芝麻殺手、太空人Molly及全新Baby Molly系列,全部於TOYSOUL會場限量發售,還有全新的2015簽名版為大家簽名!Kenny將會一連三天出現於TOYSOUL會場,除了簽名外更會有一些特別活動與拍賣品,喜歡他和他的Molly請務必入場支持!最重要是記得購買和珍藏Kenny設計的TOYSOUL 2015門票!KennysWork will attend TOYSOUL 2015. Molly's designer Kenny Wong will bring his latest and limited Molly product to TOYSOUL, including the Sesame Killer, Astronaut Molly and new series of Baby Molly. Also Kenny will have a new signature board for fans, he will in TOYSOUL 2015 all the 3 days, and will have some speical event during TOYSOUL. TOYSOUL 2015日期:2015年12月18 - 20日地點:九龍灣國際展貿中心 星匯 及 展貿廳 1時間:12月18日 - 19日(星期五 - 六)10am - 8pm12月20日(星期日) 10am - 6pm

Posted by ToySoul 亞洲玩具展 on Friday, December 4, 2015

Kenny Work AKA Kennyswork will be bringing SPACE MOLLY to Toy Soul 2015 (Dec 18-20), and I really need me one of the cuties! 3 editions will be made available; "White Cabbage" version (HK$750), "Pumpkin" and "White Carrot" versions - each priced at HK$650.

Also available are two custom-made rocking horse Mollys - named as "Golden Childhood Version of the merry-Go-round", meant for the Toy Soul - Toy Auction! Kenny will be in attendance for all three days, so keep a lookout for him! Anyone'll help me snag a Space Molly, I would be deeply thankful!!!

Date: 2015 August 18 in 12 on-20
Venue: Kowloon Bay International TRADE & EXHIBITION
Time: 12 August 18th-19th (Friday - six) 10 am-8 PM
12th August 20 (Sunday) 10 am-6 PM


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