My Dehara-Cherry Has Been Burst Thanks To Ozzo Collection

I had long wanted a #Dehara ever since first blogging about his work in 2008, but had never actually seen one up close and in-hand before, until recently. And while I was not necessarily that staunch a "fan" before to lay down serious dollars for OOAK pieces, I was utterly elated when there were production vinyls to be had!

For me personally, the "reason" was simple; Dehara's character pieces are such that I would want to build a "community" of figures - i.e. collect numerous pieces, as they would lend themselves unto their own grouping/toy-cliches (in my own warped toy-minds :p) - and I would not have been able to support /afford such an endeavor … until now.

Not only am I able to see them up close and hold in my hand, I gladly grabbed a couple of figures from Ozzo Collection in China Square Central, and have hereby burst my Dehara-cherry!

Now to find a way to save up to get the rest of his crew, and scale up to the grey-scaled salary man soon!

The works of Dehara aside, I have a "toy-dream", a dream to build up a team of "Salary Men" - Kozik's, Tokidoki's, basically all the Salary Men are working in a same office … Yes, welcome to my toy-loving-mind :p

Scroll down for more images of the Hello Kitty x Dehara Yukinori figure (OMG - I had wanted them insanely since I blogged about them! I want THAT set ssssooooooo bad...), and a glance at Ozzo's display featuring his vinyls! A schweet slice of "DEHARA TOY HEAVEN", as far as I am concerned!

Folks interested are to head on down to #02-22, 18 Cross Street, China Square Central, Singapore - where they are available to purchase ONLY walk-in / in-store!

Hello Kitty Dehara was SG$22, while the uber-adorable mini Salary Man was SG$12-15. There are much more in the series, priced different tho…

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#DeharaYukinori vinyl toys available at #OZZOCollection in China Square Central - walk-in purchases only!

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