"FLOCCULENT CRAW" by Miss Monster Available to Pre-order from Dec 18th

UPDATED: "FLOCCULENT CRAW" has been listed for pre-orders, with the BLANK priced at US$48, while a OOAK fully painted is priced at US$120! Standing 4.5" inches tall, these look marvelous!

"Flocculent Craws are a strange bunch. Their wooly look is made up of not quite fur but not really what you'd call feathers. They are lazy critters with a cat-like personality and spend most of their time fluffed, napping on one leg. Craws can be taught to say a few words in their gravelly voice but they tend to pick up naughty language and will belt out swear words at very inconvenient times. I do not know how they can tell a "bad" word from any other- but they know. Craws are great pals and office companions- ( they do bite when surprised so keep that in mind) "

ORIGINAL POST: Fresh off the glory of HAWGMAW ("glory" to me!) comes yet another NEW critter, currently in sculpting stage, with the result to be unveiled for pre-orders on Dec 18th @ 3pm central USA time via www.missmonster.myshopify.com! Further product deets to be updated when revealed…
"Finally got my sculpting head back on straight. This little jerk has fought me the entire way. Still a ways to go on him. I’m blaming @coelasquid ’s fluffy pigeons/velociraptors for the fluffiness inspiration…" - shared Melita Curphy AKA Miss Monster