#SilentHill3 Robbie the Rabbit Green version by Gecco for a March 2016 Release

Gecco Corp shares with TOYSREVIL images and release info for their SILENT HILL 3/Robbie the Rabbit Statue Green version (which appears in the short film directed by the character creator of Robbie, Usagi Tanaka).

Scroll down for further product details, and head-on to THIS Facebook post for more character info, and images :)

SILENT HILL 3 / Robbie the Rabbit 1/6 Scale Statue, Green Ver. by Gecco (www.gecco.co.jp / Facebook) has a SRP of US$150, with this prepainted statue made of ABS/PVC and standing 34cm tall (1/6th-scale).

Featuring sculpt by Shinya Akao (HEADLONG), with paint by Norifumi Dohi (FRANKEN) & Kenji Ando, and package art by Usagi Tanaka, this Konami Digital Entertainment licensed collectible is scheduled for a release in March 2016.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: "The head, arms and legs are covered with flocking. The fur is recreated with the right length of flocking so that it looks and feels exactly like the real costume. The painted blood on the flocking was a real challenge to achieve, but the hard work paid off, making this a truly unique collectible.

A steel pipe is included with the statue allowing the collector to display the statue as he appears in the video game as "Killer Rabbit."

Also included is the vicious chainsaw weapon, covered with blood as it appeared in “Silent Hill 2” as a secret weapon, with the words “Together we are one” written across the blade.

The base is modeled after "Lakeside Amusement Park" made of wire mesh and steel plate. Rust and puddles of blood are realistically painted on it."