Toy Review: Treeson & Ren - "Fluffy House Special Edition" Box Set

Opening Special Edition (019/100) #TreesonandRen by @bubiay x #Fluffyhouse! #playingwith #toylife

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WHAT-IS: The "Fluffy House Special Edition" of the new Treeson & Ren (BLOGGED) and feature different colored hair (for Ren) and a different face (for Treeson) was made available for purchase in early-November, with this "10 Years Anniversary" set exclusive to Fluffyhouse - who are the new producers of Bubi Au Yueng's characters, after the closing of Crazy Label (the previous producers of Treeson and Ren toys).

Each set was priced at US$100, and includes vinyl figures "Ren" (4.5 inch tall) and "Treeson" (5 inch tall) in a "special color" different from the original / standard editions. Limited to 100 sets worldwide, the box I received was numbered "019 / 100".

THE PACKAGE / THE BOX: The pine box came raw and unfinished with any lacquer, which made it extremely zen-swish ala exotic sake wooden boxes from Japan - which I LOVED. Limited to 100 sets, the specific box number is etched on the box itself, giving it a heightened sense of exclusivity not necessarily experienced with a slip of "Certificate of Authenticity", IMHO.

The foam inserts are very nicely done, with the figures snug within their niches. What is not shown here, is that the foam is actually divided into three layers, each removable just by lifting the up, which no doubt necessitates easier access to the figures.

What is also not shown here, is that the wooden box itself came covered by both ends with foam, which is housed snuggly inside the carton box it is shipped / mailed in.

#playingwith 10th Anniversary Edtn #TreesonandRen from #Fluffyhouse designed by @bubiay #toylife

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"PARTY BOY" REN: My impression of this colorway incarnation of REN, is that he is a "Party-Boy"! With his shiny metallic copper-paint pants, and matching blonde hair with striped top, this fella's different from whom I'd imagine the regular/standard colorway of REN to be, that innocent dark haired boy, versus this metrosexual persona … either he is an Asia with dyed blonde hair, or a European (yes, I know this csounds like "toy-profiling" heehee), he is growing on me, and frankly that was not the case when I first purchased this set haha

Funnily enough, the first "real life" person that popped into my mind as I held it was "Andy Bell from Erasure"! - And I LOVE Erasure! LOL

Three basic points of articulation: Neck, and both arms. And based on the sculpt, there are numerous room for pain app errors, but this was very decently crisp (although not wholly sharp-sharp) and extremely well done indeed!

TREESON: The subtle blush on both cheeks was a nice touch on Treeson's face, and the removable tree-stick/branch (painted with metallic copper color) with a heart at the end, fits the gap on Treeson's body, which has a distinct heart-shaped mould to fit too.

Treeson possessed two basic points of articulation: at both arms. He is a healthy chunk of vinyl, which gives a nice tactile sensation while holding him! In another blogpost I'll do a side-by-side comparison to previously released Treesons from the now defunct Crazy Label :)

#playingwith Special Edition #TreesonandRen by @bubiay x #Fluffyhouse #toylife #PartyRen

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In truth, I had longed to snag the OG colorway editions of both Treeson and Ren, but could not forgo this chance of the Special Edition Box-set, while I'll work harder to procure the OG editions for when they hit the toy shelves in 2016.

With the price point, I was initially hesitant to plonk down the $$$ for tis, but has since been convinced of the effort and value of the set, and well worth the buy! Congratulations all around Bubi and Fluffyhouse!