2000AD x 3A Toys' JUDGE FEAR in 1/12th scale for pre-order on Jan 13th

Scheduled for a pre-order from January 13th is JUDGE FEAR from ThreeA Toys! Based on the character design (Created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland) from the 2000 A.D. comicbooks, this 1/12th scaled articulated nemesis of Judge Dredd is priced at US$65 (Includes Worldwide Shipping) available via Bambalandstore.com, and will join Judge Death in my personal humble collections! (Bracing myself for a black+white edition yet to be shown maybe? My poor poor wallet…)2 more Dark Judges to go, people!

Scroll down for more pics, item breakdown and product press!

● Design inspired by Brian Bolland
● Figure Stands 6.6 Inches (16.76cm) Tall
● Fully Articulated
● Uniquely Designed 1/12th Scale Dark Judge Body
● Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Faux-Leather Tailored Outfit
● Accessories Include:
○ Interchangeable Face of Fear
○ Destructive Bear Trap with Real Metal Chain
● Additional Interchangeable Sculpted Hands x 5
*Design and color may change on final product

3A PRESS: "Gaze into the face of Fear! The grotesque and imposing Dark Judge hellbent on terrifying all life to death! ThreeA’s 1/12th Scale Collectible Series Edition brings the haunting visage of Fear to life with an incredibly detailed and fully articulated sculpt, gorgeous paint applications, and intricately tailored fabric outfit including real metal chains."