2016 Chinese New Year Android Drops Jan 25th

PRESS: "This year we released the ‘Red Pocket’ edition Android mini collectible in Asia, featuring a traditionally dressed Android holding up a whole bunch of red envelopes. Each figure also includes an actual red envelope containing a fun little Android / Monkey “dollar bill”, OR if you’re really lucky, a ‘golden ticket’ that rewards the winner with a custom minted 10g 24k gold coin worth over $450!

We’ve got two of those golden tickets somewhere in our limited stock of figures! The Androids will be available in the Dead Zebra Shop starting this Monday (Jan 25th) at 11am EST for $10 each."

Do check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability of this Androids, at least for the non-Golden Ticket figures maybe? HUAT AH!


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