3D Sculpts & Art of Danny Van Ryswyk

With the advent of "3D-printing" hurling into our consciousness these heady days of "instant-creation", I am personally intrigued with what exactly could evolve from the rudimentary shapes seen by the masses and tourists (such as myself). Not to knock anyone's designs or creations thus far - I insist - but I'm interested to see the further potentials of this technology, with the notion of "art" and "collectivity" in contention …

Enter the art of digital artist Danny Van Ryswyk of Amsterdam (whose work I'd only just discovered, thanks to the Hi-Fructose Facebook), who first creates the digital images (whom he makes available as limited edition prints), then manifests them unto 3D polyamide sculptures, complete with swish antique bell jar presentation!

Featured up top is titled "Tender Loving Darkness" (In an edition of 3), and showcased below is "In the Name of Lucifer", seen here in the digital image, the finished sculpt, and the sculpt on display at the Affordable Art Fair (with Robbert and Willy of Jaski Art Gallery).

"Art is all about finding your own style and methods. I do things my way and you should do things your way. If you want to start making art with 3D printing because you think that 3D-printing technology is cool, then you are thinking the wrong way. See if the method and material can give you what you are looking for. That is what truly matters." (Danny's answer to the question; "Which advice would you give to new sculptors and 3D designers?")
For folks interested to know more about his process, make sure you head on over to this post on i.materialise.com (above quote via), and to dannyvanryswyk.com and artofdannyvanryswyk Facebook to view MORE of his splendtastic work!