Augmented Reality for Comicbook Pages & DC Comics' "Trinity" by Kim Jung Gi

Augmented Reality Comic Comes To Life

This comic uses augmented reality to come to life when you hover your phone over it..

Posted by UNILAD Tech on Friday, January 15, 2016

The above video showcasing the comic from "Sutu Eat Flies" using augmented reality for the pages to "come to life" when hovering your phone over it (Purchase here) … and I could not help but imagine if this splendtastic illustration by master Korean artist Kim Jung Gi (featured below) could have the same effect, and how mind-blowing it would be!

Imagine "special" or "anniversary" editions of your fav titles coming visually "alive" … the Future of Comc Books, NOW! *wistful-sigh*

#Repost @historyofthebatman Evening Gothamites! Illustrator Kim Jung Gi @KimJungGiUS, best known for his world renowned ability to sketch masterpieces with his memory and mind alone, is bringing this talent to @DCComics this February! Kim Jung Gi created three stunning variant edition covers featuring The Trinity of the DC Universe with a wall-to-wall action triptych (bottom panel): Wonder Woman 51 (top left panel, Wonder Woman), Superman/Wonder Woman 26 (top middle panel, Superman) and Justice League: Darkseid War Special 1 (top right panel Batman). These books will hit the comic book shelves February 17th, 2016! To see more of @KimJungGiUS' incredible and original works, please visit their website at #kimjunggi #dccomics #superman #dcuniverse #historyofthebatman #wonderwoman #darkseid #justiceleague #batman

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