Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Toys from Hot Toys + Mezco

A grip of toys and collectible newsery for Zack Snyder's BATMAN V SUPERMAN feature film, predominantly featuring the Dark Knight from Gotham and the Son of Krypton!

Be warned tho: Most images and further product press and stats has since been uploaded unto my dedicated #manofsteelmovie blog, so linkage is expected :)

Hot Toys unleashes images and info for their ARMORED BATMAN - to be available in both 1/6th-scaled (seen above), AND 1/1-scaled!

This is the second Batman 1/6th to be announced from Hot Toys (check out their first) and expect a third Batman to come, based on his appearance in the desert dream sequence (as seen at Toy Soul 2015). The 1:1 scaled Armored Batman was also on display at Toy Soul (below pic via Toy People), and I should have expected they'd maximize the figure as a buyable collectible … just think of it, you'll also have a chance to own a life-sized "Ben Affleck"?

But if neither fits into your collection, how about 1/12th-scale? Enter MezcoToyz, who has announced Dawn Of Justice Superman and Dawn Of Justice Batman in their One:12 Collective line! Both are currently on pre-order (via the URL links provided), with both figures priced at US$75 each, and scheduled to be in-stores July / August, 2016.

(Check out further product press and details of these figures on #manofsteelmovie, and hookup socially via their Facebook "MezcoToyz" and Twitter @mezcotoyz)

So far we've been looking at more "realistic" sculpts featuring the likenesses of actors Henry Cavil and Ben Affleck, and has loads of statues being solicited out in the www, so how about a little change of toy-pace with Artist Mix Batman and Superman by TOUMA x Hot Toys?

Since my earlier feature, further product and availability details have been revealed, along with oodles of images - courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles (since posted here on #manofsteelmovie) - of the 5.1" / 13cm tall Artist Mix Collectible Bobble-Head of BATMAN and SUPERMAN, as designed by Japanese character designer TOUMA!

Priced at US$75.99 for a pair, single figures at US$40.99 on Sideshow Collectibles (Expected to ship Apr 2016 - May 2016). Do check in with your fav retailer(s) otherwise for pricing near you, and availability.