Beats Series Part 7 Maschine Studio Limited Edition Resin Figure by Patrick Wong

PRESS RELEASE: "Patrick Wong announces the preorder for the final installment of his Beats Series resin figures titled "Maschine Studio" after the popular beat production controller made by Native Instruments. The figure measures 3" tall and carries a silver laptop under one arm.

The series first began in 2013 and will be concluded with a piece that is not based on sampling workstations, but instead a computer-based software controller. The genealogy of samplers referenced in the Beats Series mark the beginning, evolution, and the end of a certain way of making music that roughly spans 30 years."
PRESS RELEASE CONTINUED: ""The last piece of the Beat Series was planned from the beginning and it's clearly a different type of technology from the standalone units. I was interested in this idea around the history of beat machines because I saw a turning point when Maschine came on the scene in 2009. It's not that long ago, but my in view the German-based music production gear took over a field dominated by the Japanese for decades," said Wong.

Beats Series Part 7: Maschine Studio is currently available for preorder through the artist's webshop for two weeks ending February 9th, 2016. No other copies will be made after the preorder and it will be a one-time run of figures. The piece comes with a numbered card, gift box, and plastic sealed. Available in Black or White versions for $40 each plus shipping."
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