Custom-Feature: Frankenscout - Bruckaroni's Custom Muttpop Tequila

STORY: "Frankenscout has scared his way to the top of the Boy Scouts of America. No matter how hard he tries tho he can't quite work up his nerve to face his fears to get the most prestigious badge. The Fire Badge! He is also generally in a sour mood because unlike all the other scouts he always has to eat his marshmallows stale and cold. His longing for the Fire Badge is keeping him from ever truly feeling ALIVE!"

"Frankenscout" is the first in a planned series from Artist / Designer David Bruck, and is currently available for purchase priced at US$300 - either via email (""), or sending him a direct message
on Instagram @bruckaroni. Meanwhile, CLICK HERE for individual pics, and read what David has to say about the piece;
"He is a custom Muttpop Tequila with a removable hat. With the Hat he is about 8.25 inches tall and without the hat he comes to about 7.25 inches tall. He is painted with Acrylic Paint and Sculpted with Super Sculpey."