Custom LOIC Previews for "More For Less Banana Virus 10th Exhibition" @ Wrong Gallery Taipei (Feb 13-March 1)

Launching February 13th @ Wrong Gallery Taipei is "MorE FoR LesS : BanaNa ViruS 10th ExhiBitioN" - celebrating 10 years of the Taiwanese designer/creator's journey, and he'll be accompanied by an invited group of friends who are customizing his LOIC bear figure - with finished work and previews feature in this blogpost!

Above: Hands In Factory / Wetworks
Bottom: ANTZ
PRESS: "BanaNa ViruS is a Taiwanese designer and artist (Facebook / Instagram @bananavirus). LOIC, his famous artwork, was designed in 2011. The design is based on asymmetrical balance and the combination of points, lines and surfaces, which make LOIC special from others. LOIC represents itself as “Fan”, who always accompanies with everyone. It transmits the essence of “CONTACT”. The no-mouth design also aloud it to follow any emotions.

LOIC has been exhibited abroad these years. After 2014, It became Chance Entertainment Company's own brand of virtual doll figure. After then, BanaNa ViruS has turned the main customer market back to Taiwan,Hong Kong, Macao and other Asia countries. And it has cooperated with a variety of different brands.

With personal design insistence and cooperating with foreign designers and exhibitions, BanaNa ViruS has become an worldwide designer whose works have been seen in many countries."
(Facebook Events Page / Exhibits thru March 1st, 2016)

Above: Bounce / Wankok Leong (1000Tentacles)
Bottom: Quiccs / Caramelaw
Below: Richard Page (UME Toys)

Above: Caramelaw
Below: Cacooca