Davidthekiller's #TopTenToys2015

WHAT IS #TopTenToys2015: "I'd asked for YOUR Top Ten Toys of 2015, and THESE were what you shared with us on TOYSREVIL! I will be featuring your lists on the blog in the month of January, so hit me with your favs via "toysreviler [at] gmail.com" - and have a fab toy year in 2016!"
"Back again this year to pick best 10 toys, most of my choices are mostly not released this year but toys that I have unbowed this year and for sure that I already explored with my iphone camera :), it's never easy especially when Ii collect everything lol" - shared David Tan AKA @davidthekiller (on Instagram & Twitter)
*All captions / commentary from David Tan*

#10. Premium Format Hellboy (Sideshow Collectibles)

"I am not sure whether this should be included in top 10, yes it is a statue, but still got the same reason like other type of toys, stress relieve lol, i don't collect many statues but this is hard to pass, i guess my decision is true, a must for all Hellboy and statue fanatics!"

#9. Hellboy 18" comic version (Mezco)

"Old figure, Mezco did a great job making the hellboy comic version, i got almost all the standard figures and this one. Size does matter and although i got it in overprice due to shipping and shit, it's still worth it!"

#8. T-800 endoskeleton Terminator (Hot toys) 1/4 scale- exclusive version

"My only 1/4 scale figure from Hot Toys, always been a fan of the design, the films and i think this is one of the best in term of toys, not to mention i got it for special price (sometimes you got to wait until a toy fair is almost closed to get a discount lol) and it's that limited version! Happy ending."

#7. Bank Robber Joker version 2 (Hot Toys)

"Missed out on the first version, better sculpt in this version, a must have for me, one of the best sculpt heath ledger as Joker out there, and did i mention i love the mask? Sometimes a toy got its history, i remember this one is bloody expensive because of exclusive version (they said), and i had to sell some of my toys to get this!"

#6. Joker 89 (Hot Toys)

"Heath Ledger is great as Joker, but no one will forget Jack Nicholson as the Joker from the 1989 version, As always Hot Toys did amazing job with this, i can't stop taking photos of this guy, that 'spooky' look just sold me out!"

#5. Choices (Jermaine Rogers)

"Bunny with a knife? Based on the artwork by Jermaine Rogers that is awesome, seeing it into vinyl is great, i am sold!"

#4. T-800 Dx13 battle damage terminator (Hot Toys)

"Best Terminator figure ever! 'Nuff said."

#3. Batman from Batman armory set (Hot Toys)

"Well, if you are looking for best Christian Bale's Batman, this is the one, it comes with everything including Alfred!"

#2. Sam Heinous (Mutant Vinyl Hardcore)

"I've been a fan of MVH figure for long, never easy to score one with the lottery and everything and can't afford the after market. Sam Heinous is one of my fave character yet from mvh, i have been waiting to get this for few years, finally a good friend of mine, Wijaya Santoso, one of hardcore sofubi collectors i know KIND enough to sell his winning lottery to me, thank you buddy!"

#1. Red Demon - Luchalibre (Muttpop)

"One of earliest designer toys i owned and i just unboxed it this year. It is important for me since it's maybe one of the first few toys that introduced me the world of designer toys, there are toys that defined arts, and not just from something we see in normal toy stores. The mask, the colour, the suit, the dangerous thing on its mouth, it is just perfect and inspired me to design a character of myself."