Hauke Scheer's #TopTenToys2015

WHAT IS #TopTenToys2015: "I'd asked for YOUR Top Ten Toys of 2015, and THESE were what you shared with us on TOYSREVIL! I will be featuring your lists on the blog in the month of January, so hit me with your favs via "toysreviler [at] gmail.com" - and have a fab toy year in 2016!"
"Andy invited me to share my best toy acquisitions of 2015. Some of these are older toys but they were all bought or made by me last year. As with last year the main criteria was simply about what figures gave me the most joy to add to my collection." - shared Hauke Scheer.

#10: Bubo One

WHY: Yes I am starting my list with two self made toys. But to be honest ever since I got into 3D printing my own creations have taken up more and more shelf space and when talking about what figures gave me the most joy it is hard to leave them out. This guy is on the list because he is the center piece of a whole range of sofubi style inspired heroes and villains. For the last couple of years my figure creations have been more about technical aspects like articulation. With these guys I went back to concentrating on fun character designs. Currently it is the line I enjoy working on the most.

#09. Cavewoman

WHY: This is another of my own 3D printed creations. I was quite torn between adding her or her male counterpart to the list. After all he is the one featured in the stop motion animation on my website . But in the end I like the Cavewoman better and I plan to do an animation with her in 2016 anyway.

#08. Jar Jar Binks Hero Masher

WHY: In recent year buying a figure has become less about getting a representation of a character I particularly like but more about whether or not I like the look of a figure. This figure is a prime example. I am not fond of the character at all. But there is something very funny about a Jar Jar Binks with He-Man like proportions. I am also enjoying stylized actions figure that actually look like toys more at the moment then realistic renditions as the Star Wars Black series for example.

#07. Cockitrus Gothitropolis

WHY: This guy almost made the list last year but he did not arrive until January 2015. I love the work of the Four Horsemen. I could have chosen any of the bird characters I bought from that line but in the end I like this one the most. They made a rooster look badass. What more can I say?

#06. Gladiator Robotech

WHY: I was introduced to the Robotech designs (and Mecha in general) through the board game Battletech. So for me this figure will forever be the Archer Battlemech from Battletech. Hate me for if as much as you like. This guy was a holy grail of mine for a long time. I had the other three from that series but somehow this guy always eluded me. This year I finally found him on Ebay for a decent price. So he had to make the list this year.

#05. Ultraman Ginga Ultra Act

WHY: This is yet again a figure I bought for its looks and not because I care particularly about the character. In fact I have never seen an episode of Ultraman. But the nice heroic proportions, the clever articulation, the cool color scheme with the blue crystal parts make him an awesome action figure. I am happy to have it in my collection.

#04. Akiba Ranger S.H.Figuarts

WHY: This character made the list for a second year. While I already loved the weirdness of the original design this one takes it at least ten steps further. But even if it was not for the design it would still be a very nicely designed figure with great proportions and articulation.

#03. General Grievous Lego

WHY: As I mentioned before I prefer stylized figures that look and feel like proper toys over realistic representations of a character at the moment. So I am quite into the Lego line of Star Wars action figures. General Grievous is once again a character I do not care that much about but this figure of him is a beast. I was really surprised how big and impressive he turned out once assembled. He makes a great piece on my shelf.

#02. Captain Mavel Marvel Legends

WHY: The Captain Marvel costume is one of my favorite costume designs in recent years and I am so happy to finally have a figure of her. If I am perfectly honest the figure itself could be better. I would have loved the uniform details to be actually sculpted rather then just painted. But until I get a better representation of this character it will remain a favorite.

#01. Snake Armor He-Man Masters of the Universe Classics

WHY: The Snake Armor version of He-Man is one of my all time favorite character designs and this figure nails it perfectly. It is another great work by the Four Horsemen. The Masters of the Universe Classics line has been the main line of figures I collected over the last couple of years so it is just fitting that a figure from that line ends up in my number one spot.
WHO-IS: "Hauke Scheer is a toy designer from Germany. He specializes in creating highly articulated action figures via 3D printing. He offers a full range of service: Design, 3D modeling, printing and painting. His work can be seen on his Facebook page or on his website deepfriedfigures.com.

Hauke has also produced his own collectible figures via his company Deep Fried Figures chief among them his Mechawhale figure."