Introducing BITXITU from FGH Toys

Three customizers from Barcelona; Fluke, Godhay and HxStudios - collectively known as "FGH Toys", has created a new resin collectible known as "Bitxitu", explained as such;
WHAT-IS: "FGH has created Bitxitu with the idea to have some fun in the toy scene and has invited to customize Bitxitu to some artist from different parts of the world with the idea of launching those customs in shorts runs of 3 or 4 customs every 2-3 months. Every Bitxitu launch will be a surprise, you won't know which artist will launch his custom until 1 to 2 weeks before the launch date.

Invited artists include: Javier Jimenez / April Elliott / David Bishop / Otto Bjornik / Mei-Jean Hsu / Evan Morgan / Wuzone / Charles Rodriguez / Jessica Esper / Tomodachi / Lisa Rae Hansen / James Fuller/ Maloone. A part from this artists, there'll be other customs by FGH Toys and from WIP Toys."

As well featured here today are previews of the customs from the trio of gentlemen. Do also note that all the customs will be on sale via their on-line store @, with the first run starting Wednesday February 3rd (scroll down to see the rest of the launch dates).

Here's the list of the launch dates:
3rd of February. 3 customs by FGH
2nd of March. 3 customs by FGH
6th of April. 3 customs by FGH
4th of May. 3 customs by ?
6th of July. 3 customs by ?
7th of September. 4 customs by ?
2nd of November. 7 customs by WIP Toys
7th of December. 3 customs by ?

(Cheers for the headsup Goday!)