Josh Coldiron's #TopTenToys2015

WHAT IS #TopTenToys2015: "I'd asked for YOUR Top Ten Toys of 2015, and THESE were what you shared with us on TOYSREVIL! I will be featuring your lists on the blog in the month of January, so hit me with your favs via "toysreviler [at]" - and have a fab toy year in 2016!"

Josh Coldron of Nori Toy shares with us his Top 10 List, including captions fully by him! Scroll down for more, and you can check out more of Josh and his art online via / Instagram @noritoy / Nori Toy blog / / Facebook / #onTOYSREVIL
"Another year has gone, and now its time to look back at some of the toys I was able to get this year. While there are some things that alluded me in my hunt, I did end up with some great purchases. My collecting habits have sort of changed lately, and I am being a bit more picky about my purchases as I run out of room to display stuff. I have even for the first time in my life sold some small bits of my collection to make more room. Here is some of the things I added that stood out for me this year." - shared Josh Coldiron.

#10: Perfect Grade Gundam Unicorn

"Over the years I had gotten pretty sick of Gundam designs, even though its what got me into anime mecha. Then comes along Unicorn Gundam which is a nice step in a new direction. It has a super mode, which is the big draw of it for most. Even still, I prefer the normal mode more so. Its expensive, great engineering, and looks cool. Why is it not higher on the list? Largely because I am not done building it, as its a model kit. Its pretty awesome, but its still a work in progress, while I have been able to enjoy the others straight away. "

#9: Chogokin Hello Kitty

"My first big convention I attended was just this year at NYCC. I had seen pics of this Gokin on the Robotjapan forums, but never thought I would had gotten it. Maybe its because my daughter has a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff, and so I got it for her. Yeah, sure—thats the story I will go with. She likes robots too, so I figured this would be cool when she is older. Well once I got it out of the package, then I realized this was not good for a kiddo, so it will go in my display till she is older... I promise she will get it. This thing is much cooler in hand though. If you have ever collected gokin, part of their draw is the diecast metal. This thing is a brick. It was pretty surprising how cool this was to fiddle with, and how heavy duty it is. More metal content per volume than I think most any toy I own. "

#8: Machine Robo Mugenbine

"So last year I mention a construction toy I had collected for making custom robot designs. And this year I was able to get a bunch of Mugenbine. There isn't any one set that this is about, even though a few stand out. I managed to get a heap more Mugenbine to make stuff with. Here is a video of the latest giant I had made with what I had collected to that point. Now I have even more.

This line is great, and evolved from what the westerners knew as Gobots, but the rest of the world knew as Machine Robo. A line of toy I would really love to see return. Until then, I will keep hunting down second hand sets to make my creations. 

#7: Soundwave from We Love Fine

"As I wandered around NYCC I stumbled across this stylized Soundwave figure. The look is awesome, and the price seemed too reasonable to pass up. Not a lot needs to be said. Just look at it! "

#6: Death Serpent by Jesse Hernandez

"While I do not get as many art toys as I used to, this is one I am glad I got. One of the most amazing paint jobs I had gotten on an art toy. From the quality, to just amazing design, this is something any art toy collector should have in their collection.

#5: Figma Guyver

"Maybe one of the coolest armor concepts from anime, this is something I waited quite a while for. Max Factory had made figures of these in the past, and even quite a few of the bad guys. They had gotten quite expensive over the years, and of course a little dated in their engineering. This is certainly the version to get. While its smaller than their previous release, it fixes the flaws and seems to have a bit more articulation. Hopefully they will do more of the different Guyver suits in the future.

#4: Expressalo

"If not for instagram I would had known of these. Someone had posted them on their account once the kickstarter was over. They almost looked like cgi renders because of having so much character. Great designs, and excellent look. I was afraid they were kickstarter only, so I emailed the company and asked them to let me know once they had more for sale. I was lucky to get a couple, and I will certainly have to get more. I hope they keep expanding their line as time goes on. I might even have to call this factory if I ever get around to making a toy.

#3: Nendoroid Mario

"I was pretty happy with the SH Figure arts Mario. When I at NYCC this year I happened onto the Goodsmile booth, and what I thought was a better version. While Bandai did a great job capturing the likeness of Mario, this one stood out to me even more. It even works well with the figure art's accessories."  

#2: Truforce Megaman X

"What started as an April Fools joke by Capcom that enraged fans, turned into a kickstarter for an awesome figure of the artwork. Capcom had convinced the people a new better Megaman was coming out in some form. They pulled the image straight away after the fan reaction. Thankfully it resulted in this awesome toy. I did not get it from the Kickstarter, but I did manage to get it at NYCC as well. The engineering and quality of the figure are top notch. I will be watching this company for future releases."

#1: Master Made 002 Titan

"What an unexpected treasure. This figure is a super deformed representation of Metroplex from Transformers done by a third party company. This was one of the last things I got at NYCC, and I had wanted it for a while. I liked the design, but it was so much more than I expected. I had gotten this, and their first toy, which was a SD SDF1 from Macross at the same time. This toy is so good that it actually ruined their SDF1 for me because I opened this first. While the SDF1 looks good, and is well made. It just does not compare to this bot. First of all it is very heavy compared to their first release. On top of that photos do not do it justice. So much detail and quality throughout. It is actually such a cool figure I preordered their future releases. I can only expect them to get better. I would love if they branched out into things that were not SD as well."