Josh Mayhem's New Blown Away Dunny Colorway Commissions

PRESS RELEASE: "Josh Mayhem presents his latest batch of 3" custom Blown Away Dunnys. Commissioned by private collectors. These include several new colorways in additional to the original Rainbow colorway. There is Earth Tone, Blue Steel, Rainbow Glitter Jam, as well as colorways inspired by Jeremiah Ketners art, and Mayhem's previous NYCC 2015 Clutter Pink release.

A couple new platform were used as well. A 4" Mini Munny was created as part of a Munny/Dunny set, and a Sword Swallower Dunny was also created by special request.

Josh is currently accepting commissions for his Blown Away design in both custom colorways, and different platforms, and can be contacted via his website Josh is also working on an inaugural custom series to be sold exclusively on Keep a lookout for Blown Away Series 4 blind box series which will include new variant and colorway chases!"

[ More images HERE on FB ]


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