Medications: The Blood of Quint by Sucklord available now

SALES PRESS: ""In the Classic film, JAWS, Salty Shark Hunter Quint survivor's guilt sets him on a subconscious collision course with his ultimate fate, DEATH BY SHARK. Witnessing his friends' slaughter by a pack of sharks in the Pacific Ocean during WW 2, yet escaping himself, being killed by a shark himself 30 years later was the only way to balance the scales of karma. May he rest in peace (Pieces?)" Now buy this important Artwork and get ready for more.""

The Sucklord returns with an announcement of their new Hybrid SUCKPANEL/ MEDITATIONS Series, featuring "a mash up of two of our most enduring "Art Approaches" from the current Suckadelic period."

Currently available here is "THE BLOOD OF QUINT", with each panel art installation with a dollop of evocative "blood jizz" priced at US$125. Man knows how to make an "toy art statement"!


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