MICROBUSTERS: Wave 1 by Playful Gorilla x DadsCartoons Drops Jan 29

Available at the Playful Gorilla online Bodega starting Friday January 29th, are Super Deformed "Hulkbusters" created by The Playful Dads Initiative, with each priced at only US$20 (Price INCLUSIVE of Free worldwide shipping). Scroll down for press release!
PRESS: "Playful Gorilla and DadsCartoons proudly presents, an artist collaboration so epic that it is bursting at the metallic seems! This is the armor you have been waiting for! Since the moment we heard Veronica being called upon in Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, we knew we had to take a crack at our very own HulkBuster Iron man suit!! So we teamed up, created the Playful Dads Initiative and are now introducing MICROBUSTERS: Wave 1 - a new hand painted Resin Toy Collab featuring a cartoony take on the Hulkbuster suit!! Standing a mere 1 and ¾ of an inch tall - the MICROBUSTERS: Wave 1 will include six different colorways!! From the classic Iron man suit colors to the War Machine colorway and of course some DIY’s - this first series will be a sure hit in your collection!!