Mr Cloud Plush + UAMOUXFLUFFY HOUSE (Part II) from Fluffy House

Ready for your next Fluffy House-fix? How about a MR. WHITE CLOUD PLUSH? Sized 22cm tall, this polyester fiber-made plush is available to purchase here for only US$16.50.

And while Mr Cloud gets ready for hugs, Miss Rainbow and Chicky dons a new guise with a collabo with STUDIO UAMOU, with the UAMOUXFLUFFY HOUSE(PARTII) currently buyable here for US$36.00.
"In this Fluffy House collection, Uamou (7cm tall) and Boo (2cm tall) have been coloured as Miss Rainbow and Chicky. They are all hand-painted by Ayako Takagi San in a limited quantity of 100 sets…" (Shipment will be around 20 Jan, 2016)


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