Of Cancelled AOS Dunnys & Release of JRYU's 8-inch Dunny

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IG @reviewstoys shares an image of the CANCELLED "Army of Snipers" 3-inch Dunny series (I've featured some sculpts earlier), which featured designs from Angry Woebots, Scribe etc (based on reporting by SpankyStokes.com) - with only JRYU's "It's A F.A.D. Dunny" has since been "un-cancelled", produced and released in different sizes! I wonder if the rest of these guys'll see production day someday …

JRYU's "It's a F.A.D." 8-inch Dunny is officially released worldwide today. SRP is US$74.99 - so do check in with your fav retailer(s).

FYI: The silver pewter version shown is the "chase", with availability 1/4 :)

From a "cancelled" design, to being a custom for a show, to being released as a 20"tall behemoth, and now available as an 8-inch collectible? This is indeed a triumphant toy-story for the ages!
"Looking back, the whole process of getting the FAD from concept to completion and presented to the public, was very surreal. Going from collecting to contributing to working with KR in the span of a few years opened up my eyes in many ways, not just from an artistic standpoint but one in which I came to understand many things about myself as well."
(Read JRYU's full interview on Vinyl Pulse)

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This is JRYU's first production toy (Congrats, Jesse!), and while I have two of his customs from ages back (Ci Si Gioca Nella Sua Ombra & this collabo with Jay222), I am eager to get this one, but alas need to resupply my medication real soon, so hopefully there'll still be stock left when I sort out my life finances …

Cheers to a new good toy-day soon,