Old Skool #urbanvinyl Sunday #CSCScore

Old skool #urbanvinyl #CSCscore #toylife

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Making my way to the taxi stand at China Square Central on Sunday late afternoon, shrouded in a haze of feeling dejected I was unable to score a specific collectible I had been looking for (*Sold Out*), I'd passed the tables at the main lobby, filled with tables of antiqued/second-handed goods from folks I last saw at the Basement of CSC (apparently since moved out and up to the lobby), and spotted a nice line-up off colorful vinyl, two of whom I fondled and haggled down the prices from the kind lady manning the table for (I felt uncharitable and vengeful today, I am sorry), and came home with them, not knowing their exact name or story!

Recognizing them from the heady days of Hong Kong's "urban vinyl" explosion in the early 2000s, I've actually never seen them up close nor held them, and could hardly authenticate these guys too, as there were zero markings on them (they came without boxes too) … and while I will/might one day attempt to track their origins down, today I share with you folks "pictures" first … :)

Cheers, and have a toyful new week ahead!

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