Peter Kato’s Bedtime Bunnie in Vinyl from Clutter for a Jan 15-drop + Talking Bunnie Tales With Peter

PRODUCT PRESS: "As the crisp, cool air of winter settles in, Peter Kato’s Bedtime Bunnies rise from their burrow beds for some sleepytime playing. Created in collaboration between Kato and Clutter Magazine, this entirely new Bedtime Bunnie figure finds the design cast in vinyl for the very first time!

Standing 6-inches tall, these companions of insomnia have been pulled with light blue vinyl bodies, having darker blue painted face detailing, and white vinyl bunny slippers. Titled the January Blues Bedtime Bunnies, this edition of these adorable rabbits will keep you company at night, regardless of whether you are dreaming or staying up dreaming about tomorrow."

And with the tease still fresh in my toy-loving mind, Clutter has revealed product details for Peter Kato's BEDTIME BUNNIE Vinyl figure! Featuring 6-inches of adorability, and limited to 50pcs in this "January Blue" edition (featured here), they will be priced at US$40 apiece, available to purchase online here in the Clutter Magazine shop on Friday, January 15th at 12pm Eastern time!

I asked Peter a quick coupla questions about this release, to which he generously shares with TOYSREVIL readers today!

TOYSREVIL: First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, PETER! Would this be your first production vinyl? How do you feel about that? So exciting, oh gosh!
PETER KATO: Yes, this is my very first experience in vinyl and so I am very excited. For years I had always dreamed for one of my characters to go into vinyl production but at the same time I was in no rush.

It's happening now only because Clutter magazine had approached me about the project with total respect & enthusiasm for every aspect of the figures production & future. I had been approached many times in the past to collaborate my bunnies into vinyl production but those companies/artists (which will remain anonymous) did not come to me with a "fair" proposal. And since I was and currently am able to hand make my work (like I mentioned before) I was in no hurry.

TOYSREVIL: How did the Vinyl Bedtime Bunnie come about? And what are your plans?
PETER KATO: The vinyl bunnie project started sometime after NYComicon 2014 when Nick Curtis from Clutter approached me with their proposal to have a meeting with Josh & Miranda. Clutter had always been supportive of my work but I was in no way aware they were interested in my bunnie and was flattered.

At the time it was revealed to me that following Luke Chueh's Dissected my Bedtime Bunnie was the next project in mind. My mind was blown, Luke Chueh being approached made total sense, me ( even now ) totally flattered. And their proposal & ideas for the bunnie were generous and right on point to what I always hoped for the bunnies future. Very grateful.
PETER KATO: The plans this year, honestly is to go with the basics. Try our very best to sell the first batches of colorwaves produced. We don't take for granted the challenge of this, so we will work very hard to make each release fun & exciting.

We have secured a number of fan-fav retailers for this years exclusives and are very excited to be working with each of them (press and info for each will come of course as each bunnie exclusive will be released). Like everything the future for more colors more projects for the Bedtime Bunnies depend on the success of the first batches so here's to an exciting 2016!