Rachel Pingel's #TopTenToys2015

WHAT IS #TopTenToys2015: "I'd asked for YOUR Top Ten Toys of 2015, and THESE were what you shared with us on TOYSREVIL! I will be featuring your lists on the blog in the month of January, so hit me with your favs via "toysreviler [at] gmail.com" - and have a fab toy year in 2016!"

Rachel Pingel (of Resin Toy Obsession & A Clockwork Orange Collector) shares with us her "Top 10 Toys 2015" and I am excited to see what she has on her toy-shelves! I have "known" Rachel on Facebook and am envious of her "A Clockwork Orange" toy collection too (Check out her blog-filled with that lil' "Ultra-Violentce")! Scroll down for her list; in no particular order, and in her own words … ENJOY!

Black on Black Chubbee by Albino Taco

WHY: "One of the largest pieces of resin I've bought to date & one of my most unexpected acquisitions of the year. Still amzed by this toy, it's beautifully rendered."

Yellow Morlin by Dehara

WHY: "It's super bright, it's super naughty & it's vinyl. Enough said!"

Kubrey by CodecZombie

WHY: "The moment I saw this toy I was in awe. CodecZombies work has always been awe-inspiring, but this was one I just HAD to own! Tragically, I'm poor, but on the plus side I have awesome friends. One of my oldest friends bought it for me for my 30th birthday. Best gift ever!"

No. 227 by United Monsters

WHY: "A random find thanks to random toy friends on Facebook. Made with concrete, which instantly makes this item unusual. The moment I realised the A Clockwork Orange references in the design, I bought it. Not only one of my favourite toys of the year, one of my favourite pieces in my ACO collection."

Fancy Ice Scream Man by Brutherford Industries

WHY: "The Fancy Ice Scream Man is one of the toys that inspired me to start my blog. Took me two years to find one. It's an amazing little chunk of resin, definitely worth waiting for."

Pennywise by Distinctive Dummies

WHY: "One of two figures I bought from Distinctive Dummies this year. Amazing detail & only my 2nd Stephen King inspired toy. It makes me happy in way other toys can't."

Good Gravy Private Hooligan by Bwana Spoons

WHY: "This was a last minute purchase at the Soft Vinyl Mayhem toy show in Brisbane this year. Last minute, but an instant favourite. He's also only my 2nd GID vinyl toy. It's now a constant reminder I need more soft vinyl in my life."

Pale Pink Unicorns by Rampage Toys

WHY: "I have a thing for unicorns, I endevour to buy a few from Rampage Toys every year. Only managed to buy two this year, including my first unicorn in a car. These toys are so colourful & fun. They will always be personal favourites."

Hung by Luke Chueh

WHY: "This toy is rather self-explanatory. A brilliant design concept, for a brilliant cause. Honestly what's not to love? "

Purple Bun-Bun by Brent Nolasco

WHY: "I've been keeping an eye on Brent Nolascos work all year, he's created some amazing designs! But I have a soft spot for Bunnies! Thanks to a little help from the artist himself, a purple Bun-Bun is now mine!"


Rachel Pingel said…
Thans again for including me! Was fun putting a list together!