Revealed: Mishka x Kidrobot Dunnys!

Here's a look at studio snapped line-up for the upcoming MISHKA Dunny Series from Kidrobot, featuring designs from Greg Mishka (@gregmishka), Ray Martinez (@satanlovesray), Twerps! (@twerpstwerpstwerps),Mikhail Bortnik (@mypalthecrook), Lamour Supreme (@lamoursupreme), Maze Georges (@mazeoner), Mike Jones (@studiomj), @beastwillis and Dane S. Thompson (@dst46). From images I count 15 x Dunnys to be had!

Further product and availability details will be updated once they are released … and I am beginning to feel the excitement I felt last year for their Keep Watch Dunny (Placed #7 on my Top Ten Toys For 2014 too)!

I've got my immediate favs, looking at the selection (all I ca say is "top row" in above IG pic :p) - What Are Yours? :)

UPDATED PRESS: "Mishka- born in Brooklyn, raised in Hell- has been a street wear fixture since 2003. The brand can trace it's roots back to New York City's "fertile crescent" of hip-hop, street-art and punk. Kidrobot is stoked to translate Mishka's particular brand on madness onto our Dunny platform. This series features the work of Greg Rivera, L'Amour Supreme, Maurice Blanco, Dane Thompson, Ray Martinez and Mikhail Bortnik! Never forget- Mishka is engineered to destroy everything boring! The Mishka Dunny Series is releasing in March in stores and online at!"
(Images via @gregmishka)