"Sitting in a pretty daze" by Brent Nolasco Available Now!

SO THE STORY GOES…: "After a long night of eating insects, a little bat takes refuge on a mushroom to rest and watch the sunrise in the morning. There, the bat is found sitting in a pretty daze. The sun slowly peeks through the trees and the morning dew glistens like diamonds. The silence calms his spirit before retreating back to his cave where he'll wait until it's dark to do it all over again."

"Sitting in a Pretty Daze" is a two piece solid resin set, designed and created by Brent Nolasco, pulled by "We are not Toys". These "blank" figures are currently available here for US$40 (plus shipping). The size of bat and mushroom is 6 1/2" and smaller mushroom is 2 1/2". Each figure will have glass eyes.


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