Superfestival 70 (Jan 10, 2016)

The 70th Edition of "Superfestival" (www) launches January 10th in Tokyo, Japan, in the Tokyo Science and Technology Museum, and here are some goodies to look forward to snagging at the event:

RAMPAGE TOYS (IG @jmrampage) @ Booth B10-11
Top: One-off Revenge Bears
Top-left: candy-colored sofubi mini figures
Top-right: Toxigon by MVH on sale only on-site
Lower-left/right: Garamon custom paints

IG @thegalaxypeople at Booth B-11 with:
Top-left: Tragg! @ ¥3000 per
Top-right: Skreel
Lower-left: SEFLA.POD (HELIOS)
Lower-right: SEFLA.POD (GRAPPLER) at ¥4500

*Limited sales online afterwards from 11pm Japan time on

IG @datadub of Fig-lab at Booth B-11 with:
Top-left: Glitter Ranger Blue Nibbler
Top-right: GLITTER BOMB Unchiman from Paul Kaiju
Lower-left: S.T.E.A.M. Edition Mockballs
Lower-right: S.T.E.A.M. Edition Awesome Toys Loch Ness Monster

"Lucky Byron" Edition by KORATERS ion 50pcs run, with 30 set aside for online sales on Jan 23rd @ (12 i=midnight Japan time).

"Akaoni" by Play Studio (IG @playstudio.vinyl) stands approx 230mm, and will be priced at 9,720 yen, limited to 70pcs tattoo version. Available via their booth in C Floor 4-5. Looks EXCELLENT!


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