THE RODENT GRIN & CNY Edition SMILEY GRIN by Ron English x Made by Monsters x JPS Drops Jan 29th

"The Rodent Grin" by Ron English x Made by Monsters x JPS is the latest character to receive the skeletal GRIN aesthetic, and it drops Friday January 29th 10am HKT at

Priced at US$220 (Asia), US$230 (USA, Canada, AUS) and US$240 (Europe) - with all prices listed including EMS shipping.

In an edition of 400pcs, with each numbered under foot, Ron English's “Rodent Grin” will come in blind sealed packing, with a chance to open secret. The ration/hance are as such:

5% - secret (20 / 400)
10% - secret (40 / 400)
20% - secret (80 / 400)
65% - normal as show in pic (260 / 400)

(Scaled next to a Mono Charlie Grin)

Released same day same time alongside Rodent Grin is the "Smiley Grin Red Packet*, Chinese New Year Edition" - in a run of 200pcs, each numbered Blind sealed packing, also inclusive of randomly placed chase, as such;

30% --- secret (60/200)
70% --- Gold grin as pic (140/200)

Asia @ US$85 / USA, Canada, Australia @ US$85 / Europe @ US$90 / AND a Rodent Grin buyer pays US$65 instead (*a button will be set for the rodent Grin buyer with a free shipping).

*This was originally named "Red Pocket" listed on site. I changed it to reflect the actual translated name from "红包 / Hóngbāo".