ThreeA Toys' 2000 A.D. toy-line to return to 1/6th scale?

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ThreeA Toys' 2000 A.D. figures to return to 1/6th scale? mentioned in the latest 3AVOX e-newsletter (promoting the 2016 Edition of 3AA Membership) is the following excerpt:
"Supporters in 2016 can look forward to the expansion of WWR, exploring new takes on G1 Transformers, the return of 1/6th editions of iconic 2000AD characters, collaborations with artists like Paul Pope, Amanda Visell, and Casey Weldon. Cap and Spidey are coming up soon with even more Marvel to follow. Steel Age's world of DC Heroes and Villains will expand. Lots planned, lots to do, and much much more." (Read in full here)

I am of mixed toy-emotions about this … I remembered my personal excitement of the early 1/6 scale releases of Mongrol & The Mess and Ro-Jaws (both Scored), before they changed scales to the current 1/12 format (the only active toy-line I am purchasing now from 3A) - which includes Judge Death (Scored and about to be on my "Top Ten Toys of 2015" list too!), Judge Dredd & Lawmaker (Purchased) and the recently launched Judge Fear (Purchased) … and if they re-release Dredd and the Dark Judges in 1/6th, I would flip the tables!

BUT, I would be more than happy if 3A decided to continue releasing their A.B.C. Warriors in 1/6 (there were "7" characters stated before, no?), heck, I'd be utterly thrilled actually! Joe Pineapples! Hammerstein! Ashley Wood's design aesthetics would fit these guys perfectly ~ OMG OMG OMG

FYI: The original seven members in the crew were: Hammerstein, Deadlock, Joe Pineapples, Blackblood, Mongrol (& Steelhorn / The Mess), Mek-Quake and Ro-Jaws (Wikipedia).

And if they add "Nemesis The Warlock" to the mix (below pic via Between Clark And Hilldale), I'd have achieved toy nirvana, fhanks… :)


ET said…
The divers need to be 1/6 too :(
Pete Wells said…
I NEED a 1/6 Dredd and Lawmaster. It is the law!