Toy-Review: Firefighter from Masterpiece Collectibles

"FIREFIGHTER" is the designated name of a figurine from Masterpiece Collectibles - who produces model vehicles based on local/Singaporean themed support services. "Firefighter" sits comfortably amidst the genre.

What first caught my attention was the window display box, with it's lush clean design aesthetics, and effective colorways of primarily black and orange. The back of the box has the description of the character and the origins of it's name;
"'Pak Huey Lang', loosely translated as "Fire Beater" in Hokkien, was a term commonly used by people in the past to refer to a firefighter.

Courage, Strength, Bravery, Heroism.

These everyday heroes are constantly there every ready to protect us in times of danger. Masterpiece Collectibles honours these life savers with the release of this figurine."

Sized 102mm(L) X 78mm(W) X 135mm(H), the figures are made of primarily resin and the details are amazing. The sculpts are pretty sweet and the details are crisp - especially around the upper torso with the helmet and visor. Even the gauge meter is detailed to a fault.

The figure is unfortunately non-articulated, with the accessories non-removable. Someone had asked on my Instagram how the character looked under themask, but alas they are fixed on permanently.

Whatever the facial design would or could be, that would make a difference between this being a novelty item, or collectible toy, in the art toy realms. Outside of "art toys", this serves both as a splendid memento and gift for that "special someone", friend or family member serving in the uniformed services, IMO.

For it's size and quality, this is an absolute steal at SG$35 each. You can purchase them online at, or in-store at Toy Outpost in Plaza Singapore (top floor).

There are 4 colorways in total released from the 01 Firefighter series: "Firefighter, Fire & Rescue Specialist, Senior Officer, Division Commander." Folks in Singapore might recognize them donning the likeness and colors of SCDF (Singapore Civil Defense Forces), and you are spot on! And while these are not "official" figures, they were indeed modeled on the boys our "Home Team".

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Designed by comicbook illustrator known as SHENZO (, this is just the first figure in a new character line coming from Masterpiece Collectibles, based on uniformed services.

I've had the pleasure to have met up with the gentleman, and am pretty jazzed to see what he comes up with next!

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(Thanks to Darren for the reach out and hookup)