TOYSREVIL #TopTenToys2015: No.2 - JUDGE DEATH by ThreeA Toys

I have a toy-hard-ON for 2000 A.D. characters as "toys" and I will not deny it. Having devoured the newsstand comics in my teenhood many, many moons ago, it had always been my dream and wish to collect select characters as "action figures" - and by that I seriously wish for either stylized-designed aesthetics of, or superior-designed and made toys … I am selective, after all.

It's somehow different from other comicbook toys, say from Marvel and DC Comics, because simply, there just did not exist much of 2000 A.D. toys! My wish list include Rogue Trooper (tried to customize one years ago, unfinished still…), Strontium Dogs, Nemesis the Warlock, A.B.C. Warriors … the list goes on, and no doubt "Judge Dredd", which I expect if any "toys" were ever made, "Dredd" would inevitably be the first to be released, right?

Through the years, there had been extremely little made available worth collecting, besides Unbox Industries' Nemesis designed by Pete Fowler … but since ThreeA Toys came into the scene, I have been over-joyed in indulging in my toy-needs! From 2010's "Tharg" till the current pre-order for Judge Fear, I've collected most (besides Sam Slade, Judge Fish, Gronk), and will continue to do so, as long as I am able to financially afford to …

In the year 2015, what scored a spectacular amount of toy-joy for me personally, AND as well a "childhood dream" turned real, was their 1/12th-scaled JUDGE DEATH, from their 2000AD line.

I cannot say enough of it, and probably will have more to say in the days to come when/if I do a full-on toy review … meanwhile, enjoy the video here, as sure as heck as I'll be enjoying the figure this Sunday afternoon at playtime!


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