TOYSREVIL #TopTenToys2015: No.5 - BELLA DELAMERE by Doktor A x Arts Unknown

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I remember whining like a boybitch about liking and wanting Bellas for some time now (yes, I even blogged about it, for frak's sake!), and had the opportunity to snag a trio of colorway editions when Arts Unknown had closed their doors in early 2015, and I could not be more happy with the figures! (Sorry about your closing tho, Arts Unknown …)

As well this serves as a prime example of "whining means sh*t", and that I should buy my own toys LOL

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And while I reviewed the "last" edition, my small humble collection now as well include the OG colorway, and the all-black colorway.

As a huge fan of Doktor A's work through the years, Bella was a splendid representation of the humanoid form, fueled by the notion of steampunk (another personal fav theme), manifest unto a mechanic murderous femme fatale? PERFECT!

Alas there will never not be any more editions of Bella Delamere to be made, I'd like to think her "spirit" lives on in the borderland ethers of toy limbo, waiting to seduce you and slash your throat in your sleep in revenge for your love-betrayal MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Cheers and have a swell toy-day ahead!

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