TOYSREVIL #TopTenToys2015: No.8 - Sand K.Troop at Coin Games Rides #1 from Fools Paradise

WHAT IS #TopTenToys2015: "I'd asked for YOUR Top Ten Toys of 2015, and THESE were what you shared with us on TOYSREVIL! I will be featuring your lists on the blog in the month of January, so hit me with your favs via "toysreviler [at]" - This post you are reading now, is the #TOYSREVILTopTenToys2015 List!"

My personal choice for the Number 8 Spot on TOYSREVIL's Top Ten Toys of 2015 is Fools Paradise's SAND K.TROOP at COIN RIDES GAMES #1! My first Keiko! My first Dewback! A lush production toy "bootlegging" one of my fav sci-fi films = What else could I ask for? and not least of all, my very first Fools Paradise collectible! .. so much "firsts" for me, my head'll explode from too much toy-joy! LOL

A clever product infused with the retro-concept of childhood coin-operated rides recognizable by Asian kids, mashed-up with a western sci-fi classic that has stood the rigors of time until now - makes for an irresistible collectible, IMHO. The emotive quotient of this piece ranks pretty high in my personal opinion too!

Read the Full Review HERE #onTOYSREVIL, and check out more still images HERE on Facebook. Wish I could afford the BOBA K.Slave tho, as it'll look hella schweet alongside SandK.Troop, as would the other Star Wars-themed Coin Rides!!!! *Head-Explodes*

Cheers and have a splendid toy-day ahead!