TOYSREVIL #TopTenToys2015: No.9 Sun Wu Kong by ANTZ x MyTummyToys

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Some days I feel pretty "aggrieved" for products not getting their due recognition, and one of them is SUN WU KONG by ANTZ x My Tummy Toys (Tagged #onTOYSREVIL). Released for pre-orders in early 2015, this resin collectible is a manifestation of ANTZ's artwork (released as a limited edition print for TOYSREVIL @ STGCC 2012 too) unto a 8-inches tall hand-painted collectible sculpt, in a run of only 30pcs.

I've had a chance to paw the unpainted prototype back in 2014, and am a proud owner of a completed set, which will see the light of day on this here blog soon(ish), so I'll keep the commentary short here...

The treatment of this figure feels more like a "one-off custom" than a "limited production run", largely attributed to the execution of the paint app, and something not not one might expect from My Tummy Toy-releases, as most of their previous figures possess clean crisp 2-dimensional color applications, while this creature looks highly "personalized" - quite a feat in a run-size such as this, IMHO.

And mind you, that does not mean that the app was baby-bum-smooth, but the layers of paints, and even choice of matt and glossy painted accents (like in the "most" looking gums on weathered teeth), makes this piece POP visually, and as well seemingly possessing a tactile feel, even just by looking at it!

This incarnation of ANTZ's creation stands strong at the No.9 spot on my Top Ten Toys of 2015 … and I have a feeling I'll let him choose where he wants to go spray and paint … at least it's in one of my fav colors; "RED", right? Heh

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My choice for this piece is also largely an emotional one, as I'd known both ANTZ and Marine of My Tummy Toys for some time now, and seeing ANTZ's Wu Kong transverse mediums from drawing to toy, and even toy to toy (shown here is a collabo TEQ623 with Quiccs of HIDDEN FORTRESS), and as well MTT broadening their toy production capabilities … and to be fair, this is not a a "perfect" product with spotless production values, and there is some ways to go before they reach the pinnacle of toy production … but seeing their development and constant growth, culminating into this joint collaboration project, makes this a satisfying product and piece of "art toy collectible" truly worth owning, to me :)

Cheers and have a swell toy-day ahead!