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Besides this TOYSREVIL blog which you are reading on right now (and bless you kindly for the support!), I have been blogging on multiple genres in as many dedicated blogs - all pop-culture heavy, with sometimes parallel content - I just figured that some people might not necessarily want to read EVERYTHING on a single site, and not necessarily everything fits into one single site as well (… although this might change in the future, but for now, please do bear with my blog-heavy presence …).

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Hobby+News blogs @
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maodino.blogspot.com #catlife

Moving forward in 2016, I plan to carrying on blogging for most of the sites, while some obvious ones remain dormant. Certain film fanblogs will be updated as sequels continue (like "Batman v Superman", "Pacific Rim 2" etc), and the Iron Man Fan blog will be dedicated to all-things Iron Man - toys or otherwise.

I have as well started to blog again outside of pop culture, featuring the house cat "Mao", as well an active focus on anime / otaku-culture, television, films, music, local events news, and even food!

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Movie Fan-blogs @

Iron Man Fan
Transformers Roll Out!
AKIRA All-Day Everyday
Man of Steel Movie
Pacific Rim Films
G.I.Joe Films
XMEN on Films
Sucker Punch Movie
Watchmen Movie
Tron Legacy
My Coraline Box #23

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But I will not "forget" my toy roots, as I have started multiple hobby-blogs dedicated solely to my 1/6th-scaled passion, gashapons, bootlego, and personal hobby projects including #eattoylife and #toyselfies.

Most of these blogs are powered by my Instagram @toysrevil, as I am gradually spending more time on IG hahahahaha … but I may not be johhny-on-the-spot all of the time though, as I am the sole author of all these blogs, and staring at the laptop screen with an eye-patch for the past five years has had (and still have) it's "challenges" :)

In the coming days I will feature/showcase select blogs individually, and hopefully you will find them entertaining enough for a read and/or follow. I know I may not be a distinguished wordsmith, but I have a headful and life-filled with geekery and experience I would love to share with you all - for whomever would enjoy these things, I sincerely think so :)

Advertising on these blogs will also be welcomed - and as these blogs do not enjoy as robust a daily visit as TOYSREVIL does, I will be offering up "blog-bundle" advertising (one ad on multiple blogs). Details on this soon.

Nevertheless, thank you folks for reading, follows, and continued support in 2016!